'Game of Thrones' Hottie Reveals Why Season 4 Is His Favorite (VIDEO)

kit haringtonYou know what there's not enough of in this world? Kit Harington. AKA the lovable, brooding, tortured, direwolf-loving Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Considering it's been eons since season 3 and waiting for season 4 feels like what Theon Greyjoy had to endure, we'll take whatever of Kit we can get. Jon Snow may know nothing, according to his poor ex-girlfriend Ygritte, but that doesn't mean he can't hype up what we're about to see come April 6, 2014.

Kit explained it all to OTRC.com. And there's a video, yay! "I'll say that it's a bigger season, action-wise, than we've ever done," he said. "There's more battles, there's more fights."

Considering the Battle of the Blackwater was as amazing as anything you could possibly see from a million-dollar budget movie, these battle scenes are sure to impress even the most skeptical of viewers. But that's not all he had to say. There's much more Kit goodness to come. Insert colon capital D. Yeah ok I'm done.


"There's actually quite a few deaths this season -- surprise, surprise," he admitted. Not shocking in the slightest, sad to say. Still -- let's hope he's not talking about his own!!

Of all the seasons, it looks like the fourth will be Kit's favorite. "It's a really special season," he went on to say. "It's my favorite on paper. It's the biggest for my character and I think people are gonna love it. I hope they will because they seemed to have loved the first three so the pressure's on for the fourth. I'm really confident in what we've done."

So there will probably be a lot more from Kit to come since he's going around promoting the new movie Pompeii, where he's playing the main character Milo, a gladiator. But those of us who know him just want to know more about season 4 spoilers!

Here's his interview with On the Red Carpet:

And in another hilarious tidbit at a completely different interview, Kit admitted he had never heard of the "Sad Jon Snow" meme taking over the Internet.

"What's a meme?" Harington asked.

Damn, can this guy get any more endearing?

sad jon snow

After he learns what a meme is, he quipped, "You don't have to look far for a sad Jon Snow picture. You'd have to look quite far for a happy one. That would be the real gem."

sad jon snow

Good point, Kit. Anyway, if you have read A Storm of Swords, upon which the fourth season is based, you're well aware of what's to come for Jon Snow. When we last saw him, he was riddled with arrows thanks to his woman scorned, yet he finally made it back to the Wall. Will he be able to defend it against a wildling army? Can't wait to see it all come alive in the spring!

Are you a Jon Snow fan?


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