Kim Kardashian's Daughter Called 'Ignori' Instead of 'Nori' By Giant Jerkfaces

kim kardashianWell, this is just mean. Apparently, Twitter users have dubbed Kim Kardashian's daughter "Ignori" instead of "Nori," which is Kim's nickname for her baby girl, North. The nickname is pretty self-explanatory and is meant to insinuate that Kim would rather spend time painting the town with Kanye as opposed to hanging out with her daughter. One user wrote, "#Ignori that's the new term for when somebody has a baby by KimK..." While another said, "Damn they [are] calling Kanye baby Ignori cuz Kim don’t take care of her kid. Deadbeat moms on the rise in 2014." Lovely.


Although Kim is probably away from her little doll more than the average mom, I think saying she ignores her kid is taking things a little far and, let's be honest, downright nasty. I'm sure Kim spends a lot of time with her daughter, but just chooses not to Instagram and tweet their every move. Because you know if she did, she'd get crap for that, too. Sheesh, people.

What kind of mom do you think Kim is?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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