Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Reveal What They Did in the Name of Fame

spencer pratt heidi montagFormer stars of The Hills Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt -- aka "Speidi" -- are about as has-been as you can get. And believe it or not, the married couple, notorious for their fame-mongering ways, do know that! The one-time reality stars appeared on Bethenny yesterday to reflect on their time in the spotlight and held nothing back.

After admitting so much of the show was scripted or altogether fake, they openly discussed the extremes that they were asked to go to in the name of ratings and fame.


Spencer explained:

On our show we knew the stakes, the bonuses if the ratings went up. No one forced us, but you want to be like, "What can I do to get the ratings up?" Our executive producer of The Hills wanted to have a Gossip Girl. He was not competing against reality shows, he wanted Gossip Girl, Sex in the City ...

Heidi added that he actually "wanted an Emmy ... Sorry, we didn't get it!" What's more, they explained how some of the show's most jaw-dropping moments were excessively orchestrated. Like that time Heidi told Spencer she thought she may be pregnant, and he appeared to kick her out of the car and drive off. What really happened: Producers made them shoot more than 10 takes before Heidi and Spencer were allowed to get on their way to dinner. Or when the producers attempted to intervene on their (okay, televised, but still) wedding day and make Spencer leave Heidi at the altar.

Spencer recalled:

They kept on turning off the lights and saying, "Let's just call it. We've got the exit door and we've got your Rolls Royce right there. We can always reschedule and Heidi will leave with Lauren [Conrad], and it'll work out great." I'm like, "There are people that flew here. Heidi's dad will choke me to death." This is where it gets real.

To which Heidi added:

We have to draw the line somewhere. That was the beginning of drawing the line with them. It was towards the end, and we were like, "We've done so much crap for you guys. The fact that you wouldn't give us a day, and now you're trying in all your power to ruin it."

So crazy. I mean, I guess you could say they knew what they had signed up for, but I do feel like it's a bit sick that producers tried to manipulate them so much. When they got married, Heidi was only 22, Spencer just 25 ... Younger, of course, when they first got involved with the show. It's not at all surprising that they made so many of the mistakes they did, spent all of the money they made, and ended up coming to regret it all.

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After watching their segment on Bethenny, I was surprised to come away feeling sympathetic! I can't imagine that other people their age wouldn't have done what they did. They also seem legitimately sorry they weren't more responsible or mature, regretful that they weren't socking money away instead of spending it all on plastic surgery and lavish meals with $3K bottles of champagne.

Could it be that maybe they've not only grown up but are revealing themselves to be different, actually more likable (?!?!) people than who they were portraying themselves to be for years? If any of that's even remotely the case, I do hope they find their way and figure out a more rewarding way of bringing home the dough ... which they'll know better than to blow through this time around.

What do you think about Speidi's confessions? Does what they had to say make you differently about them?


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