Selena Gomez Left Rehab Long Before Doctors Thought She Should

Selena GomezIt was hard to accept the news yesterday that Selena Gomez entered rehab without any of us knowing back in January. It's heartbreaking, actually, to hear that this lovely young woman who used to be a Disney sensation is having such a hard time in the wake of ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber's ridiculously reckless behavior.

Just as I've come to accept how fabulous it is that Selena did seek help instead of trying to deal with these demons herself, new information has come out that says Selena actually left rehab after 14 days of a 6-week program. In other words, she bailed so she could go to the Sundance Film Festival for her upcoming movie.

Well, that's no good.


Apparently the medical staff at The Meadows (where Gomez sought treatment) says that bailing was a major mistake on Selena's part. Because the singer left rehab early, she didn't get all of the necessary treatment to complete the therapy. Meanwhile, Selena thinks that since she completed the toughest week (which some call "Survivor's Week") -- everything is peachy and she can move on with her life.

Listen. Was it shocking to hear Selena went to rehab? Of course. It was disheartening and a major blow because for so long now, many have thought she's done an amazing job staying out of the thick of Bieber's problems. However, Selena really wasn't doing herself any favors leaving so quickly. Knowing she needs help is major, but if she isn't willing to take the rest of the steps that actually get her to be better -- then what's the point?

Plus, I wonder if rehab just seemed like the easy breezy thing to do in order for her to battle her demons. With celebrities checking in to different programs every other day, it definitely seems that way. The truth? It's not easy. And my guess is that Selena didn't really understand what she was in for.

What celebrity trip to rehab has been the most shocking to you?


Image via selenagomez/Instagram

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