New Ad for 'Kardashian Kollection' Is So Photoshopped It's Unreal

kardashian girlsOne thing everyone loves about the clan Kardashian is their passion for looking sleek, pulled-together, and made-up to the nines. Sure, they could rock a more subtle and natural look, but who wants to see that when we can marvel at their concealer's full coverage and the magical reshaping abilities their contouring is capable of weaving. Be gone, surgeon's blade! We have no need of you here. 


But the latest ad for the newest installment of the Kardashian Kollection takes their passion for preening and perfecting to the next level. Have you seen the Photoshopping? It is so much. It is, like, all of the Photoshop that there is. Hope you didn't plan on visiting the Photoshop store. Because they is all sold out. Of Photoshop. 

They are stunning, to be sure, and we love them, but dude -- take it easy! This pic is so Photoshopped that it's like we're back in the 1940s when aging movie actresses would insist on having Vaseline coat the camera lens to make them look like youthful, poreless monsters. Yikes.

Do you think this ad is too much or just right?


Image via Instagram

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