Kristen Stewart Goes to Uncomfortable Lengths to Win Robert Pattinson Back

kristen stewartRemember that time Robert Pattinson hooked up with Riley Keough, Kristen Stewart's supposed "friend"? That was awkward. Well, apparently it wasn't too awkward for KStew, because not only has she clearly forgiven Rob for what happened, Kristen's forgiven Riley, as well. Kristen was recently spotted partying it up with her former BFF at Lisa Marie Presley's 46th birthday party at a club in Los Angeles. That's awfully mature of her.


Despite the fact that what Kristen did to Rob a few summers ago was as wrong as it gets, I always thought there was an unwritten rule that you don't date/hook up with your best friend's ex. Vanderpump Rules reference alert: Look at Kristen and Stassi. Guess I'm wrong. Guess friendships can be salvaged after the fact. Or, you know, maybe Kristen's just doing it to show Rob how far she's come? Bold.

Good for you, Kristen. Regardless of what your reasoning is for paling around with Riley, you're a better woman than I am. Well, in some ways.

Do you think Kristen should have forgiven Riley?

Image via Splash News

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