Sean Lowe's Details on Wedding Night Sex With Catherine Will Make You Gag

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Major. Eye. Roll. Just when I thought maybe they were done trying to squeeze every ounce of attention out of their TV wedding as possible, Sean Lowe spilled details on having sex with Catherine for the first time. Now it's perfectly clear that this couple is addicted to the reality TV spotlight.

It was already bad enough that the subject of sex came up about 100 times during their wedding and that they also shared "secrets of the honeymoon suite" in US Weekly last week.

This time Sean and Catherine are on the cover again, pictured on their actual honeymoon. Sean's recount of their highly anticipated "consummation" is ... well -- you tell me what it is.


Here's what he had to say about finally giving in to temptation.

"I think we both performed extremely well. There was a parade that went through the room, and fireworks!"

Seriously?!? They both "performed extremely well"?!?

What the heck were they doing ... playing some kind of musical duet?

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Oh, and wait until you hear this one. Apparently Sean and Catherine are equally as stoked to do the dirty in their own bed back in Dallas as they were after their wedding at the Four Seasons. Of sealing the deal in their own pad, Sean says, "It will be the greatest thing ever. Chris Harrison is going to introduce the christening of the bed!"

Are you freakin' kidding me? First of all, sex is sex no matter where you have it, so it's probably not going to be any better at home than it was on the honeymoon. And second -- using Chris Harrison and "christening of the bed" in the same sentence is just plain weird. And creepy. And I honestly feel like we all know way too much about Sean and Catherine's new-found sex life than we probably should.

On that note, I think I might need to take a break and go grab a quick shower. I feel dirty.

Do you think Sean and Catherine are being too open about sex?


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