12 Hot Hollywood Stars Who Have Found Love With Non-Celebrities

Celebrity romances and co-star hookups are pretty standard in Hollywood. Whenever two big name celebs collide, we're blinded by their combined sexiness and star quality. Plus, the weddings are always gorgeous and jam-packed with some other major hotties.

But lucky for us, some sexy A-listers have chosen to find love away from the glitz and glamour. Instead, they've snagged themselves some regular people (that means we have a chance, right?!).

So whether they're Hollywood royalty or actually the heir to a throne, these celebs have discovered that love does exist beyond the limelight.

Ahem, Henry Cavill! If you're reading this, just know I'm waiting.

Check out our list below and let us know: what other couples would you add to the list?

Image via Splash News


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