'Glee' Celebrates Exciting New Chapter With Awesome 'Friends' Tribute (PHOTOS)

lea michele darren criss glee friendsIn the '90s, we had Friends. In 2014, we have the New Directions (past and present). What do you get when you put 'em together? Just about one of the most fun pop culture hybrids of all timeGlee exec producer Bra Falchuk teased fans yesterday by tweeting a photo of the New York City crew -- Artie, Blaine, Rachel, Sam, Kurt, Santana, and Tina -- obviously re-creating the iconic "I'll Be There for You" opening credits sequence from the primetime sitcom.

And from the looks of it, we're in for a treat. Check it out ...



And Lea Michele corroborated what was going on here with her excited tweet:


Definitely the perfect way to do up the show's NYC plotline, which sounds like it is soon to be the only plotline. As FOX's Kevin Reilly noted recently:

What's going to happen this year is the kids will graduate and we're going to go to New York exclusively through the second half of the year.

Yup, Glee's gonna be all NYC all the time! It will be like a brand new twist on Friends! And whoa, come to think of it, Rachel Berry IS Monica Geller-Bing! Hilarious. Now ... I only have to wonder, who is Chandler? And Ross and Rachel!? Darn you, Falchuk, you have us on the edge of our seats. Guess we'll find out soon enough!

What do you think about Glee paying tribute to Friends? Are you a fan of the idea of the writers moving the story entirely to NYC?


Image via Brad Falchuk/Twitter

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