Kylie Jenner Sent to the Hospital Because of Khloe Kardashian

Kylie JennerOhhhh those crazy Kardashians, always managing to get in some sort of trouble. Yesterday was Kylie Jenner's turn. After having a whole ball of fun jumping around on a trampoline with sisters Khloe and Kim Kardashian (we still have no clue WHOSE trampoline they were boppin' on) -- Kylie apparently got hurt. As in, Kylie Jenner was sent to the hospital.

The youngest of the Jenners posted a photo cupping her face on Instagram yesterday, making us think Kylie may have broken her nose. Although from the photos Khloe posted of the bounce party (if you can't tell by now, there are multiple ones), it seems like Kylie's leaning over holding her back in pain.

Either way, moral of the story: Don't trampoline and Instagram.


See, there's Kylie -- hunched over.

Granted this little accident could have happened to anyone. But let's be real: The sisters were bouncing around with the goal to get some cute pics to show off to their fans. Which, heck, maybe if I had millions of Instagram followers, I'd be the same way. Perhaps if Kylie and Khloe weren't so focused on perfecting their form for their followers, Kylie wouldn't have been hospital-bound.

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It just makes me think of all of the other times these sisters have made silly decisions. How many times has it been because they were looking for some sort of reaction? That floral monstrosity Kim wore last year? Wanted a reaction. Khloe's zillion gym selfies? Looking for a little motivational boost. Kendall's "tattoo" she posted a few weeks back? Yeah, holy WAIT -- she did what?!

Like I said, the trampoline incident coulda happened to anyone. But maybe not taking photos of every single thing you do going forward could be a good thing ... scout's honor.

Does it bother you when people document every single thing they do on social media?


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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