Bill Clinton May Have Had a Year-Long Affair With WHICH Hollywood Actress?!

Elizabeth HurleyWow, there have been some crazy rumors involving celebrities over the years, but this has got to be one of the craziest! Orrrr ... one of the least crazy? Depends on how you look at it, I guess. RadarOnline has published a tape recording of actor Tom Sizemore telling two buddies how his ex-girlfriend, stunning actress Elizabeth Hurley, once had a year-long affair with President Bill Clinton. While he was still in office! Supposedly (and that's a big supposedly) it all went down (so to speak) after Bill was already in enormous trouble over the Monica Lewinsky thing. According to Sizemore's account -- which was reportedly recorded while he told two pals the story -- Bill met Tom at a White House event, invited him to see the Lincoln bedroom, and then promptly demanded Elizabeth's phone number.


According to Tom, who may or may not have known he was being recorded, Bill (who Tom describes as having "more charisma than 1,000 Brad Pitts") asked if Tom still had his ex-girlfriend's phone number. When Tom hesitated to give it out, Bill supposedly said:

Give it to me. You dumb mother*****r, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number.

Ha! Okay, that's pretty funny. Bill, you old dog! I mean, alleged old dog.

Bill then supposedly proceeded to dial up Liz on the spot and asked to meet her. When she played coy, he again used that old Commander-in-Chief line, allegedly saying:

Elizabeth, this is your Commander-in-Chief. I don’t have any time for this ****. I‘m keeping the world from nuclear war all the time. I’m sending a plane to pick you up.

Wow. It's hard to argue with that, eh? And supposedly Liz didn't. Hours later, Tom claims she arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And Tom claims it didn't take much time for Bill to work his magic -- he and Liz supposedly disappeared into a bedroom for four hours. Oh, and no worries about Hillary, because they had "separate romantic lives." And, no, she's not a lesbian, says Bill! (Just add "supposedly" after every other word.)

According to Tom, Bill and Liz carried on for the next year, with Bill only breaking it off once he began to develop real feelings for her, telling her: "I don't do love." Hmm. Sounds like something Christian Grey would say.

Welp, this is one helluva tall tale. Either Tom is trying to impress his buddies with some mind-bendingly ludicrous gossip -- or he's telling the absolute truth! I don't know which one. But Bill ... I mean, we know what he's capable of, right? Besides, presidents having affairs with actresses while in office isn't totally unheard of ... Happy Birth-day, Mr. Pres-i-dent.

Liz, for her part, has laughed off the whole thing, writing on Twitter:

Perhaps this is some kind of ruse to try and derail Hillary's chances of becoming president. But it won't. The world already knows what Bill was like. Hell, they elected him again anyway.

And at 67 years old, he's probably not able to pull the babes like he once did. Though it would be pretty awesome to hear about him and Helen Mirren carrying on, wouldn't it? (Note: That's a joke. Helen Mirren never slept with Bill that I'm aware of.)

Do you think this is true? Could it impact Hillary's chances?

Image via ElizabethHurley1/Instagram

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