Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Show Off Their Sexy Secret to Staying Together (PHOTO)

angelina jolie brad pitt date night australiaWe've seen Angelina Jolie globe-trotting lately and Brad Pitt hitting up the awards circuit recently, but the beloved, world-famous, happily eternally engaged couple known as Brangelina hadn't been photographed out and about together in months -- 'til now! The pair was snapped today arriving to the Shipwreck Bar & Grill in Airlie Beach, Australia. The lovebirds must've hooked themselves up with some childcare for their six kiddos so they could indulge in the (rare?) date night Down Under! How positively lovely!

Granted, the power couple had to shake hands with fans on their way into the restaurant and wave at cameras, but still, it appeared to be a romantic occasion ... And it kinda goes without saying that, yeah, they looked gorgeous, because they're Brangelina.

Could it be also that this little date night shed some light on the secret to their successful, almost decade-old love affair?


So many relationships fall apart due to stress inflicted by conflicting schedules and interests -- especially in Hollywood. And obviously, not having the chance to enjoy the occasional intimacy, one-on-one time, especially when you're parents, can contribute to a weakened bond.

Brad and Angie have a lot on their plates! I wouldn't be surprised if their schedules and their huge family didn't throw a wrench in their romance from time to time. But seeing how they still managed to make time for a special night out one-on-one, we can probably safely assume they make it a priority to carve out one-on-one time. Something every couple -- kids, no kids, movie star/director, or slammed with work in a totally different industry -- needs to keep their relationship afloat.

What's your favorite kind of date night to share with your partner?


Image via KHAPGG/Splash News

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