Kristen Stewart Bites Her Nails & Sports Messy Hair for Chanel ‘Makeover’

kristen stewart chanelWow, if this is what Kristen Stewart looks like when she gets off a plane, maybe there's hope for the rest of us! KStew was seen looking quite askew on her way into Chanel HQ in Paris. In fact, she looks the very opposite of how you would expect the new face of Chanel to look. Quelle just-rolled-out-of-bed. Not only is her hair frizzy and blowing all over the place, she was seen chewing her nails, which is simply not done for most fashionistas. But this is Kristen we're talking about. I wouldn't be surprised if this blown-in grungy look weren't actually carefully planned. I mean, is she trying to tell us something with that message on her hoodie?


But this lady really cleans up when she wants to -- er, when her people want her to. I mean, look at her amazing Chanel makeover following her photo shoot.

kristen stewart chanel

Oh Em Gee! They brushed her hair and everything! Her shoes are shiny and she's got a fancy new Chanel hoodie. Tres chic! Wow, talk about a modern-day Cinderella.

I jest, I jest. (Although haha, there would be a Chanel hoodie ready and waiting for KStew -- do they know her or what?) No, seriously, though. We've seen Kristen at her most elegant, and it's quite a transformation. I think it's more fun to see her go from grungy to glam than from polished to glam, know what I mean? It's more dramatic that way. I mean, look at what Balenciaga did with her.

kristen stewart

Can't wait to see how she looks in Chanel! I'm sure it'll still be a very KStew look, but an especially fashionable version of her. Wouldn't it be fun if someone could do that for the rest of us? I would love it if Karl Lagerfeld (or whoever) could transform my everyday look into something more exciting and refined, but still very much me.

What do you imagine Kristen Stewart's Chanel makeover will really look like?


Images via Splash News, Balenciaga

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