Jamie Dornan’s Confession About His Past Makes Him a Hotter Christian Grey

jamie dornan shooting fifty shadesHallelujah! Christian Grey, I mean, Jamie Dornan is starting to come out from behind the scenes of Fifty Shades of Grey to talk more with the press and reveal more about his royal hotness. And in a new interview with Elle UK for their March issue, the actor revealed and expanded on a part of his resume many fans may not have been aware of ...

In a "past life" (well before he was the star of the BBC's hit drama, The Fall), Jamie was a musician! Whoa, hot.


Turns out, he was in a band called Sons of Jim. He explains:

I was young and with one of my best mates in the world -- who still is one of my best mates in the world -- and we were just having fun, but other people were trying to make us go in a direction we hadn’t envisioned. Eventually something has to give.

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What a shame ... But maybe it wasn't meant to be? Still, it sounds like he gave it his all for a while and definitely learned from the experience. Elle asked if he had any fans, and he responded in the most adorable way:

I should be writing a thousand apology letters to the friends and family I dragged to our gigs over the years. Often they would be the only people in the room having to talk amongst themselves.

Who would have thought he could be so self-effacing?! Too cute ... Not to mention a promising sign that the modest Irish actor was a brilliant choice for bringing a truly human, sensitive, and charming side to a character who could easily come off as overwhelmingly dark and borderline sociopathic. Even more reason to be psyched for Valentine's Day 2015!

Are you surprised by Jamie's modesty?

Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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