Emily Maynard Has Every Right to Be Freaking Out About Her Wedding

emily maynard with fiance and rickiYou would think former Bachelorette Emily Maynard, engaged for the fourth time, would be a veteran wedding planner. Not so! Seems like this is the first time she's gotten really into the trenches of making decisions about the details of her Big Day, and believe it or not, she's not exactly loving it!

The bride-to-be actually took to her blog to lament how panicked she is merely by the prospect of planning ...


She wrote:

I need some serious advice. HOW IN THE *#&@! DO YOU PLAN A WEDDING?? ... For all you wise, married women out there, what would you have done differently? The same? What's the next step after pinning everything you can possibly pin? Can I just give my wedding board to someone have them figure it out? Do I even need a wedding planner? Ok.. I'm officially stressed out.

Poor thing! The good news is that droves of followers have been responding to her S.O.S., but there's one type of advice she seems to be getting that I'd say is especially unhelpful. For instance, one woman told the former reality star, "Spend more time, money, and energy on your marriage than your wedding -- the world gets that backwards." 

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While I get it, and I agree to an extent, and I actually love a similar expression that I pinned ("I want a marriage that's more beautiful than my wedding"), I'm sure that kind of wisdom isn't the sort of advice Emily was looking for ... or needed for that matter!

Sure, there are unfortunately plenty of people who are focused more on the wedding than on the marriage. But Emily's clearly very much in love and excited about building a whole partnership and life with the man she met through her church. Pretty sure she's not just getting married for the sake of it, especially this fourth time around!

You can know that the marriage is more important than the day itself and still want a big, beautiful, meaningful wedding that takes a lot out of you to plan. The two things are not mutually exclusive. And to make it as though they are and a bride doesn't have her priorities straight if she cares about making her wedding day memorable is wrong.

That said, I love the following advice Emily also received: “Don't get hung up on it being perfect. Something will likely go wrong. And it will be ok. When you wake up the next morning, you'll still [be] married to your love." All details aside, that's what it boils down to ... which may not completely eliminate the stress, but it can at least help you keep it in perspective!

What sort of advice would you give Emily? Do you think being hung up on the details or planning a big wedding automatically means you don't have your priorities straight?


Image via Emily Maynard/Instagram

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