Heartbroken Lamar Misses Khloe Kardashian's 'Ratchetness' Around the House -- How Sweet?

Khloe KardashianWhile it's been obvious through the gossip rags and Khloe Kardashian's own tweets that she is devastated by her divorce from Lamar Odom, it's unclear how exactly Lamar is taking it. Some reports say he was quite happy to get away from the Kardashian clan. But now a source has told HollywoodLife that Lamar is actually missing Khloe -- or at least certain things she did for him. Says the source:

He misses some of the good times they shared.

But there are certain things he misses more than others, apparently ...


Adds the source:

She would always make him laugh and do little sexy shit and wear hooker clothes for him around the house. Khloe can shake her ass faster than a girl in a Ying Yang Twins video. He misses all that fun and ratchetness they had.

Oh, the hooker clothes! The rachetness! That's so sweet. And who talks like that?!

Also, Lamar apparently misses Khloe's sense of humor. I tell you, it's a rare woman who can make you laugh. Lamar ruined a good thing. Khloe didn't need his money, was willing to put up with all kinds of craziness, and made him giggle to boot. But Lamar couldn't seem to shake his demons.

And just in case Khloe still thinks she wasn't a "good wife" to Lamar (why???), she can rest easy. Apparently Lamar doesn't think that at all. Says the source:

She was real good to him, a good wife, and she loved him hard ... He has no hate or regrets where Khloe is concerned.

I'm tell you, no matter how much of a "good wife" you are, sometimes things don't work out. That is why I hate those articles that posit that you can "affair-proof" your marriage if you only do A, B, and C. First off, no one can do A, B, and C all of the time. There are times when you're not going to be at your best with your spouse. That's part of marriage. Accepting the other person at those times he/she is not at his/her best.

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But then there comes a time to decide if you've done all you can and nothing is changing and your physical or emotional or mental health is at risk if you stay. Then it's the brave thing to do to leave.

Anyone who watched the Kardashians or Khloe & Lamar knows how hard Khloe worked to keep her man happy. It's so heartbreaking when you know you did everything you could to make someone happy and yet for whatever reason that person couldn't be true to you and try to make you happy back.

One of the hardest lessons in this life is learning that you can't make anyone happy if they won't go along with it. No matter how much he might miss the "good times" and "hooker clothes" and "rachetness."

Are you sort of glad he's missing her?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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