Kim Kardashian Changed Her Hair Color Because of Copy Cats

kim kardashianYou probably heard the breaking news that Kim Kardashian dyed her hair back to brown this weekend, right? If you didn't, well, la di freakin' da, somebody's high-brow.

The normally camera-shy Kardashian sister posted another rare photo of herself to Instagram, post-hair dyeing, and it looks like she's gone straight, as well. Bye-bye, voluminous blond bombshell hair; hello, sleek brown locks.

Wondering what up with all of Kim's sudden hair changes? I think I can help you ... because, yes, I have no life ...


Kim likes to be the center of attention, right? I think we can all agree on that. The woman's an exhibitionist who likes to stand out. She likes to be the star of the Kardashian clan and, whether she'll admit it of not, the hottest sister of all. So, when her youngest sister, Kylie, lightened her locks like her big sis, it's no wonder Kim went dark again: She wasn't the only tow-headed sister.

Now, granted, yes, Khloe's had lighter, ombre hair for years now, but my guess is Kylie was the straw that broke the camel's back for Kim. Not just because her hair is more similar to Kim's old style, but because, um, is it just me, or is Kylie starting to look exactly like Kim, you guys? It's actually kinda weirding me out. It might just be the brows and the new 'do, but I don't know ... something else looks different, if you know what I'm saying.

Even though I was starting to get used to Kim's lightened hair, I definitely prefer her as a true brunette. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Kim go back to blond, if all the Kardashian-Jenner gals went dark again. Like I said, the woman likes to stand out.

Do you prefer Kim as a blond or a brunette?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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