Kendall Jenner Spotted Having a Blast on Harry Styles' 20th Birthday. Without Him.

Kendall Jenner & friend

Uh-oh. This really can't be good. Despite reports saying they were planning spending his 20th birthday holed up together in a clifftop California mansion, from everything I can tell, it appears as though Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles were not together on his big day.

Ok, so I'm not exactly sure which part of the world he was in when he officially said goodbye to his teen years on February 1st. But Kendall? Yeah, she was spotted at the Time Warner Cable Studios and Revolt Bring the Music Revolution event in New York City, which is a far cry from a romantic mountainside retreat.

Oh, and another thing -- she also posted this picture to Instagram on the night of Harry's birthday, and as you can see, she was headed out with a friend.


I mean, I guess he could've been behind the camera, but something tells me he was nowhere in sight. At least, he wasn't with her at the party in the Big Apple, so what gives?!?

Things have really been heating up between them lately, so it just seems odd for them not to want to be together on his birthday -- since most couples like to spend special occasions in each other's company.

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If I didn't know any better, I'd say this is a good indicator that things between Harry and Kendall just might be fizzling out a little -- or at least they're not quite as serious as we thought.

But then again, they could totally surprise us and turn up together at the big birthday bash in London Kendall was supposedly planning for sometime this month, so maybe celebrating on his actual birthday wasn't all that important to them?

Hmm. I dunno ... for some reason I'm sensing a bit of a rift, here. All I know is that if Harry Styles was my boyfriend, there's no way in hell I'd let his birthday pass without giving him a proper present. (Ahem.)

Do you think Harry and Kendall are on the outs?


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