Lindsay Lohan Rescued From Crisis Thanks to Seattle Seahawks Player

lindsay lohanYou guys, we can all relax and stop looking for Lilo's fur coat. On Thursday Lindsay Lohan put the nation on alert after leaving half of a $75,000 fur coat behind at a club. Oh no! But Amazing Grace, what once was lost has now been found. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice located Lindsay Lohan's lost coat. I repeat: Lindsay Lohan's fur coat has been located thanks to a Super Bowl player. Our long 2-day national nightmare is over.  


When we first heard that Lindsay's coat had gone missing from the club, 1 Oak, our first thought was: Karma, bitch, etc. etc. I mean, didn't Lindsay once get into trouble for supposedly stealing a fur coat herself? (Yeah, a CHEAP one, she'd probably say.) And wasn't she pretty much blaming Sidney Rice for stealing her coat -- just because the two were partying together at the club? 

Turns out he did take Lilo's coat -- but in a gentlemanly manner. After Lindsay left that night, Rice noticed that she'd left it behind. So he took it with him for safekeeping. And now he's returning her damn coat so he can focus on what's really important: Stealing the ball! (Do wide receivers do that? I have no idea -- I don't follow football. Go Broncos!)

Have you ever unjustly blamed someone for stealing something?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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