No Criminal Charges for Kanye West After Alleged Assault on Teen

kanye westRemember the guy who Kanye supposedly punched for shouting racist remarks at Kim Kardashian? Well, that case is closed already. Just a few days ago Kanye settled with the teen for more than $250,000, reportedly. Now criminal charges against Kanye West have been dropped as well. The Los Angeles District Attorney's office rejected the charges because there were no serious injuries and because Kanye settled with the man in question. Kanye walks from this incident, but he's still in trouble for another incident.


At the end of the month Kanye is due in court for a misdemeanor battery charge for a scuffle he got into with a photographer that was caught on video. As for this more recent incident, witnesses gave conflicting reports on how many times Kanye punched the man. But the teen wasn't seriously hurt. No harm done? Leave with a handshake? We hope Kanye can manage his trigger from now on, especially now that's he's a father.

Do you think Kanye will get in trouble for attacking someone again -- is it just a matter of time?


Image via Interview Magazine

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