Lea Michele's Confession About Dating After Cory Monteith Is Sad But Right On

Lea MicheleLea Michele's year was incredibly tough -- not only did her boyfriend Cory Monteith pass away from a drug overdose, but the entire world watched. Imagine having everyone staring at you, analyzing your every look and move and outfit, trying to figure out exactly what stage of grief you're at. Lea was smart to lay low and not talk too much about Cory, but recently she opened up to Teen Vogue. She spoke about how supportive Cory was of her efforts to make a solo album, and how she believes that he is watching over her every move. Ohh, but then there's that touchy question about when she'll date again. Not too many people would have dared ask her. But the interviewer, her friend Jonathan Groff, did!


Questioned about the idea of dating again, Lea answered:

I'm focusing on my job and taking care of myself. Maybe in a little while I'll be like, 'What do I want?' But I'm not quite there yet.

That was a brave response, because no matter what she says, someone will have a problem with it. Whether she said she was totally ready or whether she said she's not even close to being ready, you can be sure some judgy people will think that's the wrong answer.

The truth, of course, is that Lea gets to decide when and if she's ready to date again. No one else. What good would it do her to date before she feels ready? It would just implode.

And the even more complex truth is that she may go through periods where she feels she is ready -- but after dipping her toes into the dating world a bit, she may suddenly realize the waters are icier than she thought and pull them back in. (And, please, Lea, do not read any of my posts about dating because that will depress you even more!)

She could suddenly meet someone and fall madly in love. Or she could feel she's not ready in five years. Who knows, maybe she'll go her whole life not being ready! That's her prerogative, though I certainly hope not. Cory would want her to find love again. I'm sure she wants it. But you just can't rush this stuff.

Until then, Lea sounds strong and like she's healing in the healthy way -- slowly.

Do you think Lea will start dating soon?


Image via Teen Vogue

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