Khloe Kardashian’s ‘New Face’ Makes Her Look Like Someone Else (PHOTO)

Khloe KardashianIt's natural to want to make a big change to your appearance when you're going through tough times. Khloe Kardashian has definitely been guilty of this since her split with Lamar Odom. She's kept her experiments to stuff like lip color or out-of-the-box hairstyles, but lately photos of her have been surfacing that suggest she's done something a whole lot more drastic.

Has Khloe gone under the knife to change her face? We don't know, but in one pic posted to her Instagram yesterday, everybody's favorite Kardashian is virtually unrecognizable. I know the whole Kardashian clan is very fond of doing some extreme contouring with their makeup and that this can make it look like they've had plastic surgery, and maybe that's the case here -- but it doesn't seem likely. The changes are too extreme!


Her severely arched eyebrows could be the result of overzealous shaping, but they've got the tell-tale peaks that follow forehead injections of Botox or other wrinkle-busting paralytics. It's a severe look for sure. It seems to detract from her naturally expressive eyes! Her skin overall seems too smooth and expressionless, her eyes seem sleepy and pinched. Although all of this could be attributed to the pose she's striking for this selfie.

Her lips are utterly transformed. You can't get around it. There's no gloss in the world that plumps to that degree -- and believe me, I know from what I speak, I've looked. She could have had lip fillers just like Kim Kardashian before her. That's baffling to me, because while all the girls have perfectly plump lips anyway, Khloe's have always been quite naturally the fullest. Khloe's beautiful either way, but there's no way to deny that she looks different than she used to -- a lot less like herself and whole lot more like Kim.

Do you think Khloe's gone under the knife?


Image via Instagram

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