Rob Pattinson Is Covered in Dirt & Smoking Hot in New Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

RobTwilight might have reached its end, but Robert Pattinson's star shows no sign of losing its luster. He's entering exciting new territory with a role in Guy Pearce's vehicle, The Rover, by crime drama director David Michôd. The director is known for his gritty, brilliant films like 2010's Animal Kingdom. Tapping Rob to be involved in this newest project proves that Hollywood has recognized something we already knew -- Rob's got chops.

Rob and his stellar acting abilities aside (polish up those Oscars, guys), can we discuss the sheer levels of his hotness in this trailer? I mean, yes, the dude has a buzzed head and is covered in dirt. He also seems to be suffering some sort of potentially mortal injury. But none of that does anything to diminish his blatant drool-worthiness. Me-ow.


The trailer itself is totally gripping. From the film's description, it's a safe bet that Rob and the movie's protagonist (and the flick's eponymous rover) Pearce have a complicated dynamic going on -- to say the least. Rob's part of the group of thugs who steal Pearce's car. But they leave him behind when he's injured. Pearce doesn't seem quick to revenge in the trailer, but clearly all is not well in the desert.

It's awesome to see Rob pushing himself out of his comfort zone. It's also nice to see him all sweaty and gun-wielding -- have I said too much? Michôd is a known career-maker, and while it's not like Rob needs any help on that front, starring in a film of this caliber will only elevate his status, which never hurts.

What did you think of the trailer?


Image via A24Films/YouTube

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