Jennifer Lawrence's Nearly Naked Mag Cover Is Just What Hollywood Needs (PHOTO)

Too many actresses are quick to drop their clothes in pursuit of fame and attention -- but Jennifer Lawrence isn't one of them. Few can deny the girl has serious talent and can easily back up her youth and beauty with the most important quality of all: ability. But make no mistake -- if JLaw chooses to show off her body in a major magazine, it's going to garner attention for all the RIGHT reasons.

The American Hustle star posed on one of Empire magazine's 25 March covers in order to promote the May release of the sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past. With all due respect to Hugh Jackman and his hot-as-hell Wolverine, I'm going to bet big bucks that Jennifer Lawrence's cover outsells the rest. Posing as Mystique, she is powerful, blue, pretty much naked -- and insanely perfect.


Her costume obviously leaves little to the imagination, but instead of feeling offended or rolling my eyes and thinking, Here we go again, Hollywood has managed to ruin yet another young woman -- I am thinking: Wow, she looks fierce. And in control. And, unbelievably, healthy. Have a look:


Let's not kid ourselves: JLaw's body type still doesn't represent that of the average American woman, but she seems to be standing by what she has been saying all along -- that she has no plans of becoming skeletal in order to fulfill some movie producer's vision of what she should look like. Good for her!

Jennifer looks like a strong woman in this photo. She has breasts, but they're not porno perfect. Her arms aren't spaghetti-thin, and she has actual, can't-believe-we're-finally-seeing-them HIPS that could conceivably breed children one day. Hallelujah! This isn't my attempt to skinny shame anyone who isn't curvy, but I think we've all gotten so used to seeing the same super-slender, boyish body type in films and magazines that JLaw's photo is as refreshing as a tall, vitamin-packed glass of orange juice.

So, while overtly sexual pictures of celebs usually don't inspire anything more from me than an occasional raised eyebrow, this photo just makes me want to stand up and shout, "Yes! More please!" Call it the Jennifer Lawrence Effect. Girl can do no wrong.

Check out this trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past:

Do you think this nearly naked photo of Jennifer Lawrence is empowering or is she selling herself short by posing for this picture?


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