Singer Lorde's Birth Certificate Revealed But It Won't Stop The Haters

Lorde Ever since New Zealand-born musical pop prodigy Lorde burst onto the scene, folks have been agog. She's so good! And at 17, she's so young! But when you're under the media spotlight, creating songs as stellar as Lorde is, it was only a matter of time until the backlash began. But none of us thought it would involve her "real age" coming under the microscope.

That's right, the crooner now finds herself in such lauded company as the President of the United States himself, with fans and critics clamoring for her birth certificate. Shyeah -- somebody actually ponied up money to make sure the singer was truly as young as she claims to be. And spoiler alert, she's really 17. It's amazing the stuff people will cling to when they are looking to validate their latest wildest theories. 


Insisting that comments she's made make it sound like she can't keep track of her age is truly just grasping at straws. In addition to being just plain stupid, attacking her this way actually undermines her talent. By saying that Lorde can't be as old as she (and her birth certificate) say she is, you're as good as saying that no one her age can be talented. Which just isn't true: Exhibit Mozart.

Everyone de-bunch your proverbial panties, I'm not comparing Lorde to Mozart, though I will freely admit to listen to Royals more often lately than I've listened to The Magic Flute, but that's totally on me. Even if she was lying about her age, what does it matter? Does it change the way her music sounds? Absolutely not. In general, I think this is another example of a conspiracy theory going way too far. It's also probably pointless -- haters are going to hate, that's just what they do!

Do you think Lorde is telling the truth about her age?


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