Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Big Honeymoon Could Be a Waste (PHOTO)

sean catherine wedding abcIf it wasn't made clear enough during their live TV wedding special, Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are beyond psyched to be able to call themselves Mr. and Mrs. And perhaps more importantly, indulge in what that, uh, "allows" them to now do. Yeah, they're really excited to be having sex. Hence why their honeymoon is a big deal. And it's now been revealed where the two jetted off to after their "I do"s ...

An E! News source confirmed today that "SeanCat" are flying to Tahiti and then plan to “hop over to a resort” on Bora BoraExtravagant! But come on now, are we really all that surprised?


As Wetpaint points out, the lucky couple was likely able to fund their big trip in part because their wedding was paid for by ABC, and they're getting a six-figure pay day as a result of getting wed on TV.

But all of that dollars and cents biznaz aside, I can understand why they'd choose Tahiti. Hello, when else are you going to get to do that than on your honeymoon?! (That's the exact argument I used to convince my husband to go to Hawaii actually!)

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My only concern: That instead of really getting out and enjoying the tropical paradise, they're going to be too busy gettin' busy. Agh. Come to think of it, maybe they shoulda just saved all that money and checked into a local hotel after all!

Juuuust kidding! They appear to be pretty thrifty so far anyway. The only clue Sean's dropped about their honeymoon was this pic on Instagram of Catherine captioned, "Our honeymoon is starting off with exquisite Asian cuisine" ... aka Cup O' Noodles.

Hrmm. Let's hope that between between-the-sheets sessions, they can find something better than that to eat in Bora Bora!

What do you think about SeanCat's honeymoon locale?


Image via ABC

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