Harry Styles' Flirting Behind Kendall Jenner's Back Isn't What It Sounds Like

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Oh, for crying out loud. I guess this was bound to happen since the two of them are on opposite coasts right now. Apparently Harry Styles was seen flirting with some girls in L.A. while Kendall Jenner is in New York City -- and now some are wondering if he's "cheating" on her.

Supposedly he was spotted at an after-party for the film, Wish I Was Here. After chilling out with another dude, a blonde, and a brunette and "laughing and having a good time" with them, an eyewitness says he wound up "canoodling" (those celebs and their canoodling) in the corner with the brunette. Oh, and apparently "they were really into each other."

Duh. Who wouldn't be "into" Harry Styles if he wanted to get his canoodle on?


But honestly, even if this report is true, I highly doubt Kendall has anything to worry about as far as Harry's affection for her wavering is concerned.

I mean, he is only one of the most famous dudes in the world, so there are bound to be girls all over him no matter where he turns up. And being the nice guy that he is, it's not like he's going to sit there all blank-faced and ignore them. Nope. He's going to chat them up like any decent almost-20-year-old. But even if he does engage in a little bit of flirting, where's the harm in that? It's not like he's making out with different women all over town the minute Kendall boards a plane.

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And another thing -- I really think one of the reasons Harry is attracted to Kendall is because she's confident and doesn't get all bent out of shape about him talking to other women. I mean, can you imagine if he'd been spotted getting flirty with another gal back when he was dating Taylor Swift? She would've had a song penned about the ordeal before the night was even over.

Only time will tell whether or not Harry and Kendall actually last. But something tells me a little harmless flirting won't be the thing that ultimately tears them apart.

Do you think Kendall has anything to be upset about?


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