Kristen Stewart Confesses Her Biggest Red Carpet Regret

kristen stewartWhen it comes to regrets, Kristen Stewart no doubt has plenty. But what about red carpet remorse? This month in Marie Claire, KStew admits she does have some fashion regrets. “Yeah, totally. Let’s see. Definitely, I mean I’ve been doing it for a while so I’ve definitely seen fashions and been like 'woah.'" We were thinking maybe she meant her see-through ensembles, or all the times she wore too much eyeliner. But nope, Kristen’s red carpet fails go back much further than that. Think -- pubescence. Poor Kristen! How’s a 12-year-old supposed to know how to dress, anyway?


It shouldn’t be embarrassing because I was so young, but it doesn’t even matter how young you are, you’re just so, so embarrassed. I think the pictures that they took at the premiere of Panic Room. It’s like a popular image to show from when I was younger, you know, like 'she was a kid!' And I look at that and I’m like "Oh ... my ... gosh.’

I had like these baby hairs and I was being weird about them, so I was like, 'I’m just gonna cut them off.' And I had like these little things like poking out from under my hair and behind my ears, and a ridiculous outfit. I did not know how to get dressed up at that age at all, I didn’t even know what I liked. I was just like completely ... a goofy kid.

Aww, who hasn’t seen a photo of themselves at 12 and not cringed a little? At least our fashion faux pas didn’t show up in magazines or on the Internet. But these photos of Kristen at the Panic Room premiere will last forever. Perez Hilton even compares KStew’s look with Macaulay Culkin's -- so mean!

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I think Kristen could stand to go easy on her 12-year-old self. I mean, can we please talk about some of her other looks?

I did not like this pointy-hips pantsuit. Nor the scary space alien eye makeup. Nor the severe hairdo.

This sheer bra and shorts ensemble was full of yuck and huh.

Other than that, I usually like what Kristen wears. Yes, even the racy lacy pantsuit and the almost-not-there shorts. One look she definitely shouldn’t regret is her Crutches on the Red Carpet look from last year’s Oscars. I thought she was a pretty good sport about showing up, injured foot and all. And when she hopped/hobbled across the stage to present? So KStew.

The thing is, Kristen has long been the embodiment of youthful awkwardness. We mock her for it, but actually that’s so much more normal (especially when she was younger) than looking perfectly polished. And I do think Kristen is getting better at her red carpet appearances. I’ll be sad if she ever gives up the awk completely. You be you, KStew!

What do you think Kristen’s most awkward look has been -- besides that Panic Room premiere look?


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