Rob Kardashian's Ballooning Weight Is Getting Totally Out of Hand

Rob KardashianI really do feel for Rob Kardashian. I mean, it can't be easy being the only man in a family of crazy dominant female personalities, nevertheless growing up in the shadow of Kim Kardashian and her sexy sisters. But it breaks my heart seeing Rob in photos lately. Not because he's mopin' around because some ladyfriend broke his heart. But because back in November, it really seemed like Rob was on the weight loss train to success. And now? Well, nothing's changing. And he looks sad.

I don't wanna be hard on him, but someone's gotta be hard on him. How is the rest of the Kardashian clan NOT speaking up?


Back in November, Rob pledged to go to the gym more often. In fact, he was even quoted as saying he wanted to go to the gym TWICE a day! It seemed like he was really ready to make a positive change. But now? Yeah, not so much.

This is the point where, in my eyes, it's time for the family to really step in. This is the point where it's clear that Rob needs help. When someone is trying to shed a decent amount of weight, the best thing their friends and family can do is be supportive. Not that I think the Kardashians aren't being supportive of Rob's desire to shed pounds. I just think he needs more than a "you can do it!" at this point.

What more, you ask? Well, in my mind, there's gotta be deeper issues as to why Rob's not really committing, aside from laziness. Maybe speaking to a therapist would help. By now, his entire family (and the world) knows Rob isn't happy at this size. Rob needs those extra boosts of support to get his rear in gear.

In any case (Rob's included), helping out someone who is trying to lose weight can be bigger than the verbal reinforcement. Perhaps the right way to help someone with a weight issue is to offer up your time to do a group workout class with them on the weekends, or suggesting a really great nutritionist your friend goes to. Little things, small suggestions, they make all the difference in the long run.

Do you think Rob Kardashian has a problem?


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