Kanye West Settles With Teen He Assaulted for Ungodly Sum of Money

One mouthy teen boy must be loving Kim Kardashian right now -- and I don't mean in the way most boys love Kim. I mean REALLY loving her. Like profusely thanking the money gods he happened to run into her one day at an office building. He held the door for her, and a few weeks later, he was RICH! The teen that Kanye West beat up because he was supposedly insulting him and Kim with racial epithets reportedly won't be pressing charges against Kanye, because the two have settled their beef to the tune of more than a quarter million dollars!


TMZ reports that the two came to an out-of-court settlement that sees the teen raking in over six figures for getting the snot beat out of him by Kanye. Previous reports say Kanye hit him at least 30 times. There have been no reports of him suffering any serious injuries, but this is quite a hefty settlement. Either Kanye just wanted to make the thing go away -- or he did some serious damage.

Perhaps Kanye realized that you can't hit people for mouthing off to you -- no matter how vile their language. Or maybe he realized that Kimmy's story about the kid threatening her wasn't backed up by any witnesses and therefore Kim might have been exaggerating just a tad.

At any rate, I wonder if he's going to ask Kim for half the cash? She's the one who got him into this mess after all. I'm not blaming her entirely -- Kanye is a grown ass man who needs to learn how to control his temper. However, Kim already knew he didn't have a clue how to control his temper, and already knew he was in trouble for previous tantrums, and yet chose to call him for help with the rude teen, rather than relying on people in the office building, or herself, or the cops. Whatever happened to all of this security the couple have? Wasn't anyone with her that day?

Imagine that one day you're a rude teen hanging around an office building, the next you're practically a millionaire. Thanks, Kimye!

I hope Kim gets Kanye a very nice birthday present.

Do you think that Kanye should have paid out?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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