Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's 'Date' Is Nothing to Freak Out About

Robert pattinson and Kristen StewartJust when I thought we were all done talking about the relationship that was between hunka hunka Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, new rumors are tying the two Twilight stars together. A source recently told Hollywood Life that Rob and Kristen Skyped for two hours before Rob left for Morocco to film his new movie Queen of the Desert. Not because they wanted to catch up, of course not. Because Rob was "really missing his dogs" and he wanted to tell them all "how much he loved them."

... I wish I was joking, y'all. While I highly doubt (read: there's NO way this is legit) that Kristen and Rob are having cutesie Skype dates, I will say this: Pets really are the one thing that ties former lovers together long after the flame has dwindled. Well that, and children. And joint finances. But still, you get the point.

I can't blame Rob if he really does miss Bernie, Bear, and even Bailey.


Having a pet is like having a child, and when you go through a breakup -- it's not easy giving up that sort of intense bond with your animal because your co-parent and you don't get along anymore. It's not easy saying goodbye to one of your best friends, and one of the ONLY friends you have who never judges you.

With that said, though, it seems that Rob and Kristen have done a pretty good job distancing themselves from one another so far. A two-hour Skype session? There's no way Rob's "ooh-ing" and "aahh-ing" at the camera for that long with Kristen on the other end. Heck, I can't even imagine having a two-hour conversation with my MOM over Skype!

Do you think Rob and Kristen are still in touch?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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