Kate Middleton Could Teach Queen Elizabeth a Thing or Two About Spending

queen elizabeth II and prince phillipEver since Kate Middleton stepped onto the scene, it has seemed like she had a thing or two to learn from Queen Elizabeth II. Now, it's looking like the exact opposite may be true! According to a super-reputable source -- the Commons Public Accounts Committee -- the 87-year-old monarch has been overspending the royal family's fortune, and she's down to the last million! In other words, just ONE of the $58 million that was in her reserve fund back in 2001 remains. Whoa!

According to the committee's report, the royal family (so not just the Queen) is "spending above their means and dipping into the reserves ... the balance now stands at an all-time low." Crazy!


What's more, the report notes that a number of palaces are in "dangerous or deteriorating" conditions. Forty percent of them are "below acceptable standards." And this shouldn't come as a shock to Her Royal Highness, because there's an $82 million backlog in repairs due to tightened government funding. Wow.

But apparently, it's not the Queen who is being blamed by the committee. Instead, the report urges the treasury to help the royal family to prevent "further damage and deterioration." Because it is totally nuts that some royal staff members have been forced to catch rain in buckets to protect art and antiquities in some locations. Or that Queen Elizabeth II's "antiquated" boilers are more than 60 years old!

While it may be that the royal family has been spending above their means -- and that the Queen may have a thing or two to learn from her granddaughter-in-law's thrifty ways -- the government really does need to step in to preserve not just royal but U.K. history. I could also imagine that if they are allowed additional funds, decorating-keen the Duchess would be particularly helpful in helping allocate it to protecting art, antiquities, and those palaces no one wants to see come crumbling down! 

Are you shocked by this report? Do you think Prince William and Duchess Catherine will bring a new era of smart thriftiness to the throne one day?

Image via jemasmith/Flickr

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