Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Bizarre Wedding Theme Left Everyone Confused

sean catherine giudici lowe bachelor weddingEvery bride wants to be admired by her guests on her big day, and as a recent bride myself, I can attest to the fact that you want to impress your guests with every little detail -- which usually all relate to/fall under the umbrella of your wedding theme. For some brides, that theme is as general as "vintage," for others, it's as specific as "springtime in a Victorian-era English rose garden." But for Catherine Giudici, her big TV wedding theme -- which was shared with all of Bachelor Nation on Sunday night -- was, as she put it, "grown sexy." What in the ...??!

Turns out, Catherine's theme -- which she first divulged a couple of weeks before the wedding to Extra -- was just as confusing to her guests as it was to, well, us and the rest of the world.


Even Bachelor host Chris Harrison wasn't sure what to make of it, admitting:

I don't understand it. I understand it about as much as Sean does. But Sean is smart and I went through this as well, when your bride-to-be says she wants something or gives you a theme, you shake your head and you smile and say, 'Absolutely. Grown Sexy is very important to me. I have no idea what that means, but it's very important to me.'

HA! Ouch! And Chris wasn't the only star from the franchise shaking his head or smirking. Ashley Hebert, who was the last Bachelorette to get hitched on TV when she said "I do" to J.P. Rosenbaum, said, "I'm so confused!" And Desiree Hartsock, who may be the next one to walk down the aisle in front of cameras, asked:

Is it grown, like I'm growing a garden? Or is it like, 'I'm an adult'? Or is it like, Justin Timberlake, we're bringing sexy back?

Hilarious! I want to know the same thing! Well, the only clarification it looks like we're going to get was from Sean, who had this to say of his new wife's befuddling idea:

Yeah, that was Catherine's doing, the 'Grown Sexy' theme, which I think is great. She wanted it to be very elegant and classy and kind of grown-up because the two of us are so silly. So she felt like this should be our coming out party as adults. I don't think I'll ever be an adult, but this is a good attempt.

Allll right, then. If he gets it, they must really be a match ... and I cringe at the thought of what sorts of nonsensical themes the pair will have up their sleeves for inevitably gratuitously documented baby showers down the road.

Do you understand what in the world the couple's "grown sexy" theme was all about? What was the craziest wedding theme you've ever heard of?

Image via ABC

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