Selena Gomez 'Heartbroken' Over Justin Bieber's Dalliance With Model

Justin BieberWas it really only a couple of weeks ago that it seemed all was back to normal in Jelenaland? What happened?! Justin and Selena were photographed buzzing around on Segways and then posted the requisite (post-coital?) selfie. It seemed like this generation's Liz and Dick were back together. BUT. Then Justin went away to Miami, got arrested, and someone named Chantel Jeffries was catapulted to kinda-fame. The blonde model was riding in Bieber's Lamborghini when he got slapped with cuffs for drag racing. I probably wasn't the only one wondering what Selena's reaction was when she saw that Biebs was with another woman that night. (Did I really wonder that? Good god, what has happened to me?)


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Thanks to HollywoodLife, we know exactly how Selena is taking the news that her on-off boyfriend is keeping company with a busty, pouty supposed "model." In short, not well.

A source says that Selena was "crying over Justin and him being with Chantel. She is still very heartbroken." Still? It's only been a couple of weeks -- at least since Selena seemed to reunite with Justin by Segway. This was probably the first inkling she had that Justin was seeing someone else. I mean, except for all those other times he was seeing someone else.

I feel sorry for Selena. Has any girl ever had a boyfriend who has undergone such a swift and complete transmutation over the past couple of years? It wasn't that long ago that Justin was wearing shawl sweaters and padding after Sel like an eager puppy dog. Trust me, I have photos.

But lickety split like that he's turned into some kinda sizzurp-sucking, ho-hoggin' gangsta. That must be a lot for a girl to wrap her head around.

Selena, it's time to let go of the guy you once knew. But he ain't coming back, darlin'. If you need a reminder of that, check out Chantel Jeffries. That's his type now? Seriously, gurrrrl. You can do so much better. He can't.

Do you think Selena will get over it? Have you ever had a tough time getting over someone?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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