These Smokin' Hot Jamie Dornan Pics Show He IS Christian Grey (PHOTOS)

jamie dornanJust because Jamie Dornan was cast as Christian Grey in the highly anticipated movie adaptation of the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, doesn't mean he's quit his day job. Jamie, though, yes, an actor by trade, is still doing a little modeling on the side. (You may remember his previous stint as a Calvin Klein model -- hello!)

New photos of Dornan starring in the 2014 Hogan campaign have been released, and all I can say is: Anyone who had trouble picturing Jamie as Christian, feast your eyes on this ...


jamie dornan

Mama like, right? Whether you had your heart set on Ian Somerhalder or not, there's no denying that this is one good-looking man, ladies. Not only does Dornan own it in a suit, that stare pierces right through your soul. Oh, you don't think so? Well, try this on for size then:

jamie dornan

Boom! How could you not want to stare at that for 120 minutes, Fifty Shades fans?

I was a little turned off last week when I heard that Dornan had become super overprotective of Dakota Johnson, not wanting staff and crew talking to her. But I'm back on Team Dornan now, full-throttle. If anything knows how to make its way into my heart, it's a sockless, suit-clad man sitting on a dock, looking forlorn.

Who do you think is the perfect Christian Grey?


Images via Hogan

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