Catherine Giudici Changes Name to 'Lowe' & Haters Can't Stand It

Catherine Giudici

Good grief. Out of all the things people can give her shit for after marrying Sean Lowe on live TV -- Catherine Giudici changing her name to Catherine Lowe has some folks all bent out of shape. Yes, for reals.

The day after the wedding, she promptly changed her Twitter name to Catherine Lowe, but she hasn't yet made the switch on Instagram -- probably because the user name is already taken. (Safe to assume?)

And some of her followers over there have gotten into a bit of a debate over whether or not she made a wise decision in giving up the last name she was born with. Some think it's like she gave up her identity by taking the name of her husband, which is just plain ridiculous if you ask me.


First of all, considering what a traditional couple Sean and Catherine are -- why on earth would anyone think she wouldn't become a Lowe after their wedding? It would actually be pretty strange if she'd kept Giudici. I mean, it's not like she and Sean are movie stars -- and since most people associate her with him anyway, making the switch to Lowe shouldn't confuse anyone as far as who she is.

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And another thing -- most brides are incredibly excited after taking their vows, so even if she and Sean weren't old-fashioned, it still would make sense for her to want to update her social media accounts accordingly. I know if I'd had Facebook and Twitter back when I got hitched 10 years ago, I would've had those babies changed before the reception was over. (Sad, but true. I'm addicted.)

Do you think Catherine made a good move in changing her name so quickly?


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