Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Televising Their Wedding So It's Free

kim kardashianEven though Kim Kardashian still remains a permanent fixture in the limelight, there's no denying that since she's become a mother, she's ... different. She still Instagrams nine million selfies a day and lunches at the most popular spots in the most low-cut of tops, but she doesn't seem to be quite as much of an open book as she once was. I mainly chalk this up to Kanye.

Ever since Yeezy came into Kim's life, he made it clear that his personal life is not fodder for rag mags and KUWTK fangirls. It's his and only his.

So, does anyone else think it's weird that Kim and Kanye have agreed to televise their wedding on E! so the network can foot the bill? Just asking.


Regardless of the fact that they're currently two of pop culture's most iconic people, who, no matter what they say, loooove having people talk about them, I truly am surprised about this. I mean, I didn't expect them to pull a Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively and get married in secret, but I didn't think they'd get married on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (or a spin-off special) either. It's just kind of ... cheesy, to be frank. And what with their frequent trips to Paris, aren't K and K trying to brand themselves as a high-falutin', high-fashion, high-brow couple? Getting married on a cable show is so ... not those things.

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According to sources, Kanye originally wasn't super keen on the idea, but Kim -- who "always wanted to be a June bride" -- managed to convince him that having E! deal with the logistics/cost of a foreign wedding (they're getting married just outside Paris) would be much easier than dealing with it themselves. I suppose that's one way to look at it.

I wish Kim and Kanye all the happiness in the world, but I will say this: Both Kim and Khloe televised their last weddings, and neither of those ended well. Maybe it's time to keep the nuptials private.

Are you surprised Kim and Kanye are televising their wedding?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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