Trent Reznor Throws Twitter Tantrum After Grammys Cut Him Off

Trent ReznorIf you watched the Grammys until the bitter end last night, you may have noticed that by the time Nine Inch Nails took the stage along with Queens of the Stone Age, Lindsey Buckingham, and Dave Grohl, the show was running a little late -- as evidenced by the network cutting off their musical extravaganza. Their finale got most of the way through the second song, then CBS began running promos and credits as the tunes continued in the background. One thing's for sure: Trent Reznor noticed this, and he tweeted his opinion to the network and/or show organizers with a "heartfelt" FIRETRUCK YOU.

Okay, he didn't actually post "firetruck you" on Twitter, but I wanted to give you a chance to delicately avert your gaze before I share his actual rant. I guess it's nice to know that at 48 (!!) years old, Reznor is still raging against … well, whoever. But also: dude, grow up.


It's true that the NIN performance had been hyped for days leading up to the show, and the all-star grand finale was supposed to celebrate rock n' roll in a big way. Unfortunately, the performance got cut off during Queens of the Stone Age's "My God Is the Sun" as the network transitioned to promotional messages for Hilton hotels and other sponsors.

That sucks, for sure. But it also wasn't really unexpected: the Grammys are notorious for running late, and the last performance is often cut short. Example: Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul McCartney's 2012 performance, during which the plug was pulled partway through their rendition of "Twist and Shout." It's also happened to Arcade Fire; a supergroup of LL Cool J, Chuck D, Tom Morello, Z-Trip, and Travis Barker; and Stevie Wonder.

Recording Academy president Neil Portnow explained the programming decision to reporters backstage:

We save the end slot for something that is a bit of a jam, because you can have the energy go and then it’s just a matter of the clock.

It doesn't sound like Reznor's buying it, though. Here's what he tweeted last night:

No one should be all that surprised that Trent Reznor isn't happy with the Grammys, considering what he said in 2011:

Why don’t the Grammys matter? Because it feels rigged and cheap — like a popularity contest that the insiders club has decided.  

It's hard not to wonder why he'd even agree to perform at a "rigged" awards show that doesn't matter … but judging by his outburst, I'm guessing he won't be back any time soon.

What do you think of Reznor's tweet? Justified, or immature?

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