‘Real Housewives’ Heartbreak: Another Couple Calls It Quits

ramona and mario singerThe Real Housewives marriage curse has reared its ugly head again. The latest casualties: Ramona and Mario Singer. According to the folks at Us Weekly, the reality TV loves have separated and things have gotten shockingly nasty between the two.


While it may be new news to millions of fans, they are reportedly already dating other people. Not only that, they can't stand each other at the moment.

While I'm typically cynical about romances chronicled on TV, I have to say I am genuinely surprised to hear about the split. They didn't seem like the perfect couple, but they certainly seemed like a normal, loving one. Sure they got annoyed with each other. Yes, they argued. But they also had a lot of warm, wonderful moments since the RHONY debuted. They even shared family photos of a trip to Africa to celebrate Avery's graduation just this past summer. Those happy images gave little hint of the turmoil that was in their marriage.

But there were some signs of serious trouble. A couple months ago, there were reports that Mario had made a pass at RHONY costar Jill Zarin. Then there was that scandalous Page Six story about a fight they had at their Hamptons house, during which the cops were called. And Ramona has been denying claims that Mario is a cheater and got another woman pregnant during an extramarital relationship.

According to one source, they have been unhappy for quite awhile but just put on the appearance that everything was okay. "It's like war of the roses between them right now," said another friend. Wow. Wonder if we will see any of that tension during the upcoming season of Real Housewives of New York? Can't wait to find out.

Do you think Mario really cheated on Ramona?

Image via BravoTV.com

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