Britney Spears Gives Huge Hint That She Got Secretly Married

britney spearsOops, she did it again ... maybe. Britney Spears may have secretly gotten hitched. The reason marriage rumors are swirling? Brit Brit showed up at her son Jayden's soccer game in L.A. wearing a gold band. In actuality, she wasn't just sporting a ring, she was showing it off.


As the pop star walked to the field, she seemed to purposely hold up her hand to reveal the shiny ring. She actually looks directly into the camera with her hand in front of her face.

Presumably, she tied the knot with boyfriend Dave Lucado. They have only been dating a year, but Spears has been serious about him for quite some time. And she hasn't been shy about sharing her feelings. A couple months ago, she talked about their first argument during a sit-down on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Then in an Entertainment Tonight interview, she gushed, "I'm in love ... He's really funny and he's really passionate." There are even reports that his love helped inspire her while making the new album Britney Jean. Sources also say she wants to have more children with him.

So I wouldn't be surprised if she really did get married. But that doesn't mean a move like that is a smart idea. They haven't known each other very long and it may be too soon to make such a huge, legal commitment. This would be her third marriage, and if it were to fail, she would be in the middle of another media firestorm.

She hasn't had the easiest of times in her romantic or emotional life. A big embarrassing split -- complete with lawyers, legal wrangling, and pre-nup speculation -- could be just the thing to set her back on that infamous downward spiral. That's not to say Dave isn't a good guy and isn't good for her. But what's the problem with waiting until they got to know each other even better? Spears has yet to confirm or deny these reports, so we still don't know for sure what her marital status is. But she's in such a good place right now, we just hope that she stays there.

Do you think it's too soon for her to marry Dave?


Image via rocor/Flickr

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