Miley Cyrus & The Grammys Trade Snubs & Miley Wins (VIDEO)

miley cyrusThe Grammys have taken over the headlines this morning, covering everything from Beyonce and Jay Z's controversial opening number to Taylor Swift's strange, violent headbanging at a grand piano. But one headline-making musician who took over much of 2013 was curiously absent. Where the hell was Miley Cyrus?

Turns out Miley Cyrus was at home playing Guitar Hero instead of wearing a daring, revealing dress and twerking and tongue-showing on stage. Might have a little bit to do with the fact that she wasn't nominated at all for her album Bangerz. D'oh.

The 21-year-old tweeted, "Photo from my performance this evening...." makeup-free, tongue-in-mouth, with the guitar resting next to her blonde head. Pretty crazy right? In a night notorious for eyebrow-raising performances, you'd think Miley would be all up in that musical perversion.


What better way to pay the Grammys back for the snub than by snubbing the show altogether?

She also posted this video of herself rockin' out, which actually kind of looks like more fun than having to endure watching the Grammys for three and a half hours:

Miley in sweats hanging out at home playing video games? Almost as shocking as anything she could possibly do on stage.

I'll be totally honest: It didn't even occur to me that Miley wasn't there as I was watching the Grammys. But after reading the headlines about the show the next morning, it was rather curious that one of the biggest music sensations of 2013 didn't make an appearance.

Since everyone can't seem to get enough of Miley, love her or hate her, she was probably rather confused about why she didn't get any nominations at the Grammys, even though critics were split about Bangerz. What better way to show how ridiculous it is to give "merit" awards to music in the first place than by staying home and playing a fake guitar?

Oh, Miley. Even not showing up to something gets you into the news. Must be nice!

And perhaps she's even taking a page to stay out of the spotlight for the moment now that her musical peer Justin Bieber is in so much trouble. Considering they are the same exact person. I'm sorry, I had to go there. Some things are just too bizarre to be ignored.

Did you notice Miley Cyrus didn't show up to the Grammys? Were you surprised/did you care?


Image via Twitter

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