11-Year-Old Kate Middleton Was Already Practicing to Be Queen (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton

Video has emerged proving that Kate Middleton has long been practicing her role as Duchess -- starting with a school production in which Kate plays Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Eliza famously plays a Cockney flower girl who is trained by Professor Henry Higgins to sound and act like she's a manor-born Duchess. Kate, of course, may be a commoner, but she never spoke with a Cockney accent. Still, she and her family have been accused of being "strivers" and "social climbers" -- one of the worst things the British think you can be (we tend to admire that here in the States). This video, showing a young Kate as Eliza Doolittle, will have you convinced that Kate was destined to become a lady!


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The video, which appears to have just surfaced for unknown reasons (imagine this person getting ready to throw out old videotapes and looking through the footage for kicks, suddenly realizing he/she had a young Duchess of Cambridge performance on tape ...), shows Kate in a few different scenes from the play.

Kate was about 11 years old when she performed -- and it sure shows. She's barely recognizable with those chubby cheeks! Her performance shows why she became the future Queen and not the next Meryl Streep. Pretty, yes. Stunning acting ability? No. But not bad for an 11-year-old.

Kate is shown in the famous "the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain" speech as well as during her transformation to "lady." She definitely seems more comfortable in the latter role. Check it out:

The play was put on at Kate's boarding school, St. Andrews, where it's thought she first caught sight of her future husband, Prince William, when he visited the school. Her costar, Andrew Alexander, who seems a bit more polished in his role, was apparently a natural. He went on to be a successful actor and now stars in Downton Abbey!

What do you think of Kate's performance?

Image via BBCNewsBINNU3/YouTube

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