Kendall Jenner's Birthday Present for Harry Styles Really Says It All

Kendall Jenner

You know what this coming Saturday is, right? Duh. It's Harry Styles' 20th birthday. (Not that it's marked on my calendar or anything.) Yep. In a few short days, he'll officially leave his teen years behind. And if a new report is true, he's going to have quite the time kicking off the next decade of his life.

Supposedly Kendall Jenner is taking Harry on a trip -- first to her family's mountaintop home in California for a little R&R (or something).

And then they'll be jetting over to London where she's put together a huge bash for Har, complete with a DJ and all that good stuff.


Apparently Kendall wanted to make sure to have his party across the pond -- because she knew it was important to have all of his friends and family in attendance. While I'm sure some of them might have been willing and able to make the trip to the U.S. -- it's highly doubtful the guest list would've been as long.

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Say what you will about Kendall Jenner, but this gesture just goes to show that whatever she and Harry have going on is real and genuine. It's clear that she's making an effort to fit into his world instead of trying to rope him into the Kardashian crew. I don't care how big your bank account is. London is a long way to travel from California to throw someone a birthday party, so obviously she wants whatever is going on between them to last (for at least the next few months or so).

And another thing, having his party with his inner circle is a great way for her to get to know them -- and hopefully be accepted into the group as his girlfriend. (Instead of that American chick whose family is famous for being famous.)

Do you think it's sweet of Kendall to take Harry home for his birthday?


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