Taylor Swift's New BFF Could Ruin Her Friendship With Selena Gomez

Taylor SwiftOnce upon a time, Taylor Swift referred to Selena Gomez as the closest thing she ever had to a sister. Which is sweet. They're cute, aren't they? Seems like their mega-rich, Hollywood friendship is completely drama-free.

Except maybe it's not.

Remember that little feud Selena had with the singer Lorde? Lorde accused Selena of being an anti-feminist, Selena fought back, and blah, blah, blah. Bottom line: they're not on good terms. But for some crazy reason, Taylor decided it would be a good idea to become best friends with her! BFF with the frenemy, if you will. (Follow along with the hip lingo. For some reason, I still think of these girls as "tweens.")


And to make matters worse, Taylor posted this to her Twitter page last night:

Not cool, Taylor. Not cool. But in her defense, she doesn't come across as someone who would intentionally hurt anyone, let alone her best friend. So maybe she doesn't think what she's doing is wrong? All I know is that if someone was dragging my name through the mud, my best friend better not become buddy-buddy with them.

Do you think Taylor is wrong to befriend Lorde?

Image via TaylorSwift13/Twitter

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