That Awkward Moment Taylor Swift Thought She Won a Grammy (VIDEO)

taylor swiftFor whatever reason, Taylor Swift seems to always be a topic of conversation after an awards show. Be it because she was photobombed by Jennifer Lawrence, or because she, for a split-second, thought she won Album of the Year, the lady knows how to make headlines.

If you didn't notice it on last night's Grammy awards, check it out now, guys: That awkward moment Taylor Swift thought she won a Grammy ... but didn't. Womp-womp.


You saw that jaw drop, right? Totally thought they were going to say her album, Red, instead of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. At first, I kind of felt bad for Swifty, but then I remembered: Oh yeah, she has 974 Grammys already. Also, nice save going immediately into golf clap, Taylor. Truly impressive. 

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Another random, awkward TSwift moment from the Grammys? Her headbanging while she was playing the piano. Was anyone else like, WTF is going on here? She's talented as hell, but ... no need to go '80s hair band on our asses, T. Here's a video of the oddness:

All in all, it was a Taylor Swift kinda night ... even if she didn't win a Grammy. And hey, her hair and dress were stunning!

What did you think of Taylor Swift last night?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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