Kristen Stewart’s Nasty Eye Makeup Habit Could Make Her Sick

Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart is exceptionally beautiful. She has an arresting face, which she usually frames with dark hair -- all the better to showcase her trademark pallor. Another Stewart signature? The smoky eye. My favorite smoky eye is the one Heath Ledger wore as the Joker in The Dark Knight followed by Sean Penn in This Must Be the Place. Though these things are neither here nor there.

Kristen recently admitted something "shocking" about her makeup routine. In brief, this actress known for her skin and eyeballs NEVER EVER takes off her eye makeup. She's brutally honest about it too, claiming she doesn't think she's ever actually had "clean eyes" that she can remember. Her reason isn't sloth (or at least not sloth alone). She claims that smudged eye makeup just looks even better the next day. I'm not buying it. 


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A smudged or smoky eye takes, what? Ten minutes? It probably takes even less time if you're someone like Kristen who applies the stuff daily. So yes, five minutes to a smoky eye and you're trying to tell me that you've got to sleep with it on to get the look you want? I don't buy it!

Besides, it doesn't matter how great your makeup looks if you've got a stye in your eye or, heaven forfend, pink eye and it keeps you from being able to apply anything other than ointment to your ocular region for days. There are so many different products available that make a dramatic smoky look easy to achieve without wreaking havoc on your health -- or your bedding. I suggest Kristen look into this, and in the meantime, someone pass the girl some cotton balls and makeup remover. 

Do you buy Kristen's excuse?


Image via Instagram 

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