Kim Kardashian One-Ups Kourtney & Goes to Gym in Full Makeup

kim kardashianBefore we get into the very glamorous look of Kim Kardashian heading off to the gym to assumably work up a sweat and do 1,375 squats because how else does one maintain a booty like that, we must first address the trifecta of photos that she posted on her Instagram. Captioned, mind you, "Oh just a little gym glam lol." First we have left leg forward, great view of Kim's right side of face, eyes wide open. For the center pic, it's a little bit more of a smile, a smirk perhaps, a warmness in her face -- her tiny waist prominent. Then she closes out the photo collage with right leg forward, chin down, eyes closed ... face looking as flawless as the first.

This is a case of "I can't decide which photo I like best so I'll just go ahead and showcase them all in one." It's also Kim one-upping her sister Kourtney who so boldly went to the gym makeup-free last week. As if!


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I'm a fan of no makeup to the gym. I'm also a fan of full makeup to the gym. I am not however a fan of going to the gym, so make of that what you will. I'm certainly not going to rag on Kim (or any woman for that matter) who wants to get all gussied up to sweat it out. Plus, cameras follow Kim around everywhere she goes. Wouldn't YOU make sure you looked presentable each time you stepped out of the house? Or maybe you'd be the type to mess with the paparazzi and wear masks and weird costumes. That just made me think of Michael Jackson (RIP) and how he'd do weird stuff like that. Isn't so weird when that's the life you lead. Magnifying glass. Not so fun all the time.

Oh Kim, Kim, Kim. We cannot expect anything less from this super glam Mama. You look good, you feel good, heck, maybe it helps her get to number 1,375 on those squats. Maybe putting on a full face of makeup helps her feel ready to start the day. Whatever works!

What do you think of Kim's glam look for heading to the gym? Too much? Do you do the same?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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