'Real Housewives' Star's Husband Faces Serious Charges in Federal Court

Apollo Nida Phaedra ParksLooks like another celebrity could be headed from the ATL to j-a-i-l! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida is in hot water -- again -- with authorities. This time the feds claim Phaedra Parks' quiet husband has been up to some serious hanky panky at work.

We're talking bank fraud and identity theft! And considering the federal government is involved, it's safe to say these charges aren't going away any time soon.


In an indictment against Nida obtained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, he is charged with stealing people's identities and having a partner in crime, identified as Gayla St. Julien, pretend to be them to set up accounts. The reality star also allegedly set up fake companies, including a fake auto dealership, and applied for fake auto loans.

It's all pretty screwed up stuff, but not exactly ... surprising? Phaedra married this guy and had two kids with him AFTER he'd been in prison for five years for breaking federal racketeering laws. Oh, and those laws that he broke? They related to auto title fraud. Sound familiar?

Girlfriend knew what she was getting into ... but you can't help but feel a little bad for her, or at least for their kids. If they're true, charges like these could put daddy away for a good, long time. Ayden and baby Dylan may have to get used to seeing him behind bars.

Can't wait to see how this all plays out on Housewives

What do you think of Apollo Nida?


Image via Bravo

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