Selena Gomez' Latest Stalker Goes to Truly Creepy Lengths to Get to Her

Selena GomezPoor Selena Gomez is having a really bad week. Seeing your ex-boyfriend splashed all over the news for some stupid drag race would be bad enough. But Justin Bieber and his alleged antics are only the half of it. Turns out the young pop star's home was violated by a trespasser this weekend.

The alleged stalker had come all the way from Arizona to Gomez' home in Tarzana, California. Can you say "stalker?"


The LAPD arrested a 19-year-old named Jean Daniel Garcia who they allege was roaming Gomez' property Saturday. The young man reportedly told cops he was there to see Gomez in person, but fortunately members of her family spotted him and called the cops.

Can this girl catch a break? A few years ago a 46-year-old man named Thomas Brodnicki was order to stay away from her after reportedly talking about killing her while on a psychiatric hold. Then last year one of her crazy fans killed his entire family (and himself) in Oklahoma.

She's a talented actress, and her music is certainly catchy, but come on people! She's just a regular person -- no need to get obsessed! She even has regular old problems like screwed up ex-boyfriends ...

Are you a Selena Gomez fan? What do you think attracts the stalkers to her?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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