Josh Lucas Getting Divorced After Less Than 2 Years Despite Perfect Rom-Com Marriage

Josh LucasActor Josh Lucas' met his wife in a perfect rom-com way but now the marriage is ending in divorce. After the Sweet Home Alabama star caught sight of pretty brunette Jessica Henriquez in a New York City dog park (aww), they fell hard for each other. But then Jessica had to break the news to Josh that she was fighting cervical cancer (yikes). That only drew them closer together and they got married six weeks later (aww/yikes) after a scary encounter with a mountain lion (huh?). And then, eight weeks later, Jessica, despite being told to have a hysterectomy, found out she was pregnant (aww). But less than two years later comes the divorce (yikes.)


Josh had unexpectedly announced he was engaged on The Tonight Show and it seemed pretty awesome of Josh to propose to a regular gal, not some nip-slipping starlet, even though they would immediately have to tackle a major health issue.

In fact, Jessica had been advised to have a hysterectomy, but she got pregnant shortly after marrying Josh and they decided to have the baby.

Their son, Noah, was born July 2012. She told the Huffington Post about her decision not to treat her cancer while she was pregnant:

If the cancer has progressed because I did nothing for a year to contain it or treat it, I don't feel any guilt, and I don't feel like it was a bad decision. Every morning that I wake up with Josh and Noah, I'm even more assured that it was the right decision for me.

Aww. But now ... Ugh?? Divorce. These two have been through a lot in such a short time, perhaps the stress of it all just got to them. Or maybe since they married after only six weeks, they didn't quite know each other. Jessica said when they first ran into each other in one of those "weird, classic, New York, meetings" in a dog park that "lightning definitely struck." Aww.

Well, maybe there's hope for these two yet? I won't count it out untilt he signature is dry on the final papers. But even with divorce, they still have their precious son.

Do you think they still stand a chance?


Image via Joe Scarnici/Getty

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